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Chicago Cutlery® Stainless Steel 7-piece Block Set

Our precision-built knife set is super-hard German MoV steel, cushioned with silicon at the handles.

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Prized by chefs, high-carbon German MoV steel is known for its durability and performance. We’ve used it for these six seamlessly shaped and well-balanced knives—each cushioned with a responsive silicon inset—that let you chop, slice or pare with precision. Natural wood block has slots for more.

  • Winner of multiple design awards
  • Innovative Responsive Touch Technology™ handles with ergonomic silicon inset that responds to the contour of your hand, for remarkable control and comfort
  • High-carbon German MoV steel blades provide superior corrosion-resistance, strength, and enhanced hardness
  • Signature 26-Degree Taper Grind® edge for optimum sharpness, precise cutting and easy sharpening
  • Single-body die-cast construction seamlessly integrates blade, bolster and handle for maximum control and easy-to-clean surface
  • Hand wash and dry immediately to keep in best condition
  • Santoku knife has a scalloped edge to help prevent food from sticking while cutting
  • Natural wood block stores the set, with 6 additional slots to store extra knives
  • Full lifetime warranty

Set includes

Item Quantity Dimension Capacity
Chef Knife 1 8'' length
Partoku Knife 1 5'' length
Utility Knife 1 5'' length
Paring Knife 1 4'' length
Bread Knife 1 8'' length
Scissors 1 8.5'' length
Wooden Block 1

Chicago Cutlery Knives Use & Care


Knife Care

  • For best results, hand wash your knives with soap and water and dry immediately.
  • Soaking wood-handled knives in water can remove the natural oils from the handles.
  • DO NOT put knives in the dishwasher. Dishwasher use may cause nicks on the blade edges. Additionally, the heat and detergent may have a corrosive effect on the knives and damage the handle.
  • DO NOT cut through bone with knives or use knives to poke, pry or separate frozen foods.
  • DO NOT use knives as screwdrivers or can openers. This is not their intended purpose and can bend or break the blade or edge.


Knife Storage

  • Sharp knives should never be stored loose in a drawer because contact with hard objects can dull the blade. Many CHICAGO CUTLERY sets are sold with a hardwood block for safe, convenient storage.
  • MAGNASTRIP® storage is another way for convenient and safe storage, saving counter space with a magnetic strip.
  • CHICAGO CUTLERY knives purchased individually are available in blade protectors. The blade protectors help keep the knife sharp and provide safe and convenient storage at home.



Sharpeners are not for use on scalloped or serrated edges. For optimum performance, knives should be sharpened after every couple of uses. Use a scouring powder after use to clean and remove metal particles from your sharpening steel. After cleaning the steel, rinse with water, dry it thoroughly and store in a dry place.


Sharpening Steel

  • Hold sharpening steel point down on flat stable surface such as a table or cutting board.
  • Angle knife blade approximately 15 degrees from the sharpening steel. Imagine the knife blade is at approximately 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock.
  • Pull the knife down and across the sharpening steel in a slight arc, pulling the knife handle toward you. Repeat on the other side of the steel.
  • Repeat these steps 3-5 times, alternating the right and left side of the cutting edge.

Full Lifetime Warranty


Corelle Brands promises to repair or replace, or at Corelle Brands’s option, exchange for an item of equal or greater value any CHICAGO CUTLERY® knife or shears with defects in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, misuse, abuse, institutional/commercial use or use for purposes other than normal household use. This warranty does not cover wood blocks or wood cutting boards. Should a warranty problem develop, contact Corelle Brands at 1-800-999-3436. KEEP THE PRODUCT. You may be asked to return it. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly excluded from this warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow this exclusion or limitation, so the foregoing exclusion or limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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